Eye Exam

Eye Exams 

What should I expect during an eye exam?

As you prepare for your appointment, it is  helpful to know what to expect. During your comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Lee performs a number of tests to check your vision for proper health and function. Depending on the observations made during those tests, he may suggest additional screening. You will always have the opportunity to discuss any past problems that have affected your vision, as well as any questions or concerns you have.

Eye Exam

Dr. Lee will administer some test including a visual acuity test, which is how he establishes a baseline measurement of your current vision. The results of this testing become part of your chart and allow Dr. Lee to monitor how your eyes changes over time.

Additional exams include:

Depth perception
Ability to see color
Eye muscle control
Peripheral vision
Pupil reaction to light
Dr. Lee uses the results of these and other preliminary screening options to determine if you need more in-depth vision testing.

Will my  pupils be dilated? 
Dr. Lee uses various techniques to examine the structures of your eyes if required pupillary dilation is one of them. This is critical for diagnosing any issues that affect the back of your eye and affect your vision. To see the internal structures of your eyes, Dr. Lee will use special eye drops to dilate your pupils.  The drops will increase your light sensitivity and make it harder for you to focus close up. make sure you bring a pair of large, dark sunglasses with you to your appointment, if not our staff to give you a disposable pair for you.
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